About GreenPostcards.com

Our Mission

It’s pretty simple really… Our mission is to deliver outstanding, environmentally friendly, printing and design services with exceptional neighborly care.

GreenPostcards.com provides fast, beautiful prints of virtually all the printing needs of a small to medium sized businesses and versatile enough to cater individual needs as well. Through our user-friendly online service, we make it easy for you to maintain consistency with, or make changes to your projects. And because there’s nothing better than dealing with a real person, there’s always someone on the other end ready to help.

Pioneers of the Green Scene

We go way back! Since our inception in 1984, we have led the way in sustainable printing practices– even before it was cool to do so. Today, our fully wind powered shop stocks numerous 100% pcw paper, and we print using biomass based toners. We’re also very proud to be San Francisco Department of the Environment’s only Certified Green printer!

More facts, bullet point style to keep your attention:
– We do not use solvents, washes, or any other harmful chemicals on our digital press
– We zip around town for deliveries in our handy dandy Smart Car
– We can produce press ready sheets with as little as 5 sheets, instead of 500 sheets with an offset press
– We are union baby!

Neighborhood Love

For over 27 years, our parent company A. Maciel Printing, has served our fellow San Franciscans and the greater Bay Area with quality products, excellent service, sustainable practices, and union labor. A. Maciel Printing has also given generously in printing sponsorships to non-profit organizations and GreenPostcards.com proudly continues this legacy.

We Have Your Back

We appreciate the significance of your work and we know your reputation is on the line, so we collaborate with you to create an impressive product from design to print. Our sales and design team, production staff, and finishing specialists will usher your projects through each stage of the printing process with the utmost care.

A Rich History

Alfonso Maciel Sr., founder of A. Maciel Printing, is not a stranger to the world of the “creatives” and the socially conscientious. Having first worked at a paper company upon immigrating to San Francisco from Mexico in 1964, Alfonso Sr. soon found himself in the 70’s involved with group of passionate artists and community organizers dedicated to providing San Francisco with cultural centers for its fast growing minorities.

San Francisco’s original Green printing shop was founded when with a core of community involvement and social consciousness…

In 1977, through intense negotiations with the City, they were able to obtain four impressive facilities in four districts to serve as cultural centers. In effect, the Neighborhood Arts Program of the SF Arts Commision was formed to run the brand-new centers. As one of the founders of the Mission Cultural Center, Alfonso was soon elected as MCC’s Executive Director in 1979. In this new position, Alfonso created a progressive non-profit model to provide independent funding for the center’s programs, freeing it of municipal constraints. Its success soon compelled the other cultural centers to adopt the model, and in 1981, the Arts Commission tapped Alfonso, as Director of the Neighborhood Arts Program to oversee the process.

Alfonso Maciel Sr., founder of A. Maciel Printing, is not a stranger to the world of the “creatives”… 

In 1983, Alfonso met his future wife Monica. With new changes all around, Alfonso decided to marry, start a family, and step aside to let a new team with fresh ideas take over his work with the Neighborhood Arts Program. 1984 was indeed the start of many things. In January, Alfonso married Monica. In June he started A. Maciel Printing and in December, Alfonso Jr. was born followed by a daughter, Alejandra a year and half later.

San Francisco’s original Green printing shop was founded with a core of community involvement and social consciousness. This legacy is proudly sustained by Alfonso Jr. as he leads GreenPostcards.com in this new generation.

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